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how to kiss amazingly

Most of the women and men remember that unique moment when they have that first kiss and discern between a sloppy kisser or discover that person who kisses you in a way you dream about it, actually many relationships ends for being a bad kisser. Here are X things to turn your kisses from "good" to "exceptional".

1.Girl, stop holding back! In " The Art of Kissing" William Cane interviewed men to discover what their biggest complaints and desires were, regarding kissing and the result of that research was that men preferred wetter kisses with tongue action, initiate more and have an active part in the kiss.

2. Don't overlook your teeth. Studies demonstrate that men and women  really value a healthy-looking teeth and good oral hygiene when value the experience of kissing

3. Match your breath. The rhythm is crucial when kissing, women enjoy a kiss that let'em breathe, don't be oblivious to your partner and match your breath and then slowly lead to a more passionate kiss.

4. Keep your tongue in check. Don’t jam your tongue down her throat, remember you are kissing not excavating in her mouth. If you want to make a sexy move to him, graze your tongue against the roof of his mouth with just the tip of your tongue, that will create an unexpecting ticklish sensation that will get him wanting more.

5. Set the stage. Be aware of your surroundings and create the mood, make sure to look good those things really matter to create a bond that leads to intimacy.
Remember that when you know your partner's likes and dislikes, can make a huge difference. A kiss is an intimate act and can lead to a new direction in the relationship, also can communicate much more than words so when you're ready, be brave and don't hold back.

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